Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing Workshops & Creative Writing Courses in Peel, Halton, the GTA, throughout Ontario, and beyond

This post is out of date - see the current schedule of upcoming workshops and courses here.

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Upcoming workshops & courses

Orillia: Sat, Feb 23, "How to Build Your Story." Details here.

Oakville: Sat, March 2, "How to Write a Bestseller," with New York Times #1 bestselling author Kelley Armstrong. Details here.
Peterborough: Sat, March 16, "How to Get Published." Details here.
Kingston: Sunday, March 17, "How to Get Published." Details here.
London: Sat, March 23, "How to Write Great Characters." Details here.
Burlington: Wed afternoons, March 27 – June 12, "Intensive Creative Writing." Details here.
Mississauga: Wed evenings, March 27 – June 12, "Intensive Creative Writing." Details here.

Mississauga: Thursday afternoons, April 4 – June 20, "The Next Step in Creative Writing." Details here.
Georgetown: Thursday afternoons, April 4 – June 20, "The Next Step in Creative Writing." Details here.
Guelph: Sat, April 13, "Writing for Children and for Young Adults." Details here.
Mississauga: Sat, April 27, "Writing Great Characters." Details here.

Barrie: Sat, May 4, "How to Get Published." Details here.
Burlington: date to be announced, "How to Make Yourself Write." Details here.

Burlington: Tuesday afternoons, June 25 – Aug 13, "Intensive Creative Writing." Details here.


  1. Owen Sound awaits Brian's one-day workshop at Chartwell Select on August 15th (urged to return to this harbourside town by L. Jacqueline Reid, the SOS:Secretary Off Site, and previous course participants. So many subjects to choose from but How to Build Your Story is on the agenda. Local Owen Sound scribblers can call 519-371-5498 to register.

  2. I was at one of your workshops and you said that anyone who is serious about writing needs to have a blog. I have recently set one up, but I am finding it challenging to understand all the new blog vocabulary and also to attract traffic to the site. Do you have any plans to have a workshop on successfully running a blog?

    Thanks, Brian!



    1. Hi, Jennifer.
      I'm pretty sure I didn't say that. Running a blog single-handed takes a huge amount of time. You're probably better off spending that time writing.

  3. Jennifer,
    I don't recall saying "that anyone who is serious about writing needs to have a blog."

    This is more-or-less true if you want to write nonfiction books, because publishers look for you to create your own platform - i.e., a core group of potential book buyers - and creating a blog is usually part of that.

    I think a workshop on creating a blog is a good idea. I'll sound people out on whether they're interested.

  4. If you are a writer, you cannot spend a lot of time with blogs. You have to write.

    Then again, to get a name out there .... a blog may work.

  5. What's the cost for the Owen Sound work shop?

  6. I'm afraid the Owen Sound workshop was a couple years ago. To stay up to date, email me at brianhenry@sympatico.ca and ask to be put on my newsletter. Mention what city you're in or near, as I have different newsletters for different locales.

    Also, you can see a more up-to-date schedule here:

    All the best,
    - Brian

  7. Will there be a How to Get Published Workshop closer to Burlington?

  8. Will you be offering this seminar in the Kingston area in 2014. If so please send me a email in advance.

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