Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nancy Yost says thanks

Dear Brian,

You'd be gratified to know of the number of queries generated by your QBFox site; clearly you're reaching a pretty substantial audience.

Thought you - and your readers - might like to know that the agency is actually up and running, and has been since July. Designing the website has taken a backseat to more immediate concerns (authors first, bells and whistles later!), but it is finally up on the web (, and is really the best place to direct queries.

Also, fyi, two colleages from Lowenstein-Yost have joined me here: Zoe Fishman Shacham, Foreign Rights Mgr/Agent, and Natanya Wheeler, Associate Agent. They are accepting queries as well. We're all looking forward to finding new and interesting writers.

Thank you so much for passing along the word about my new (ad)venture! It's a supportive and generous thing to do - but, then, I happen to think publishing people are among the most generous and supportive!

All best,
Nancy Y.

Photo: Nancy Yost (centre), Carrie Ferron, Executive Editor, Avon Books (left), and author Laura Lippman (right)

Notes: For the scoop on Nancy's new agency and what she and her two co-agents are looking for see here.

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