Saturday, November 25, 2017

Three poems by Emily Zarevich: I can be a witch, Green eyes, and Small change

I can be a witch. I can do it too. 
I can lead wannabee kings to their doom
with prophecies. I see their weaknesses.
I know what they want to hear.
I’ll post them online in our
convenient age and meet up
with my girlfriends in the rain.
I can twist truth with riddles
and sell them off at a reduced price.
I have a cauldron, and forbidden
knowledge, and my own
space to work under the cover of night.

I see your face, your condescending little smirk.
Do you think I’m joking, speaking lightly?
I can be a witch, you know. Don’t you dare doubt me.

Green Eyes
I only wanted green fields. Green ice cream.
A row of green lights on the road to replenishment.
If I wanted a rude, decadent pair of green eyes
begging from me, forever seeking me out,
I would have loved
cats, only cats. Never you.
I would have liked you better if your eyes were blue.

Small Change
A jar full of small change.
A beacon of hope or a petty well
to stick a come-hither hand into when a longing sets in.
You were saving those coins? Well, that’s too bad.
Your dearest best buddies are enjoying themselves
at your expense.
Emily Zarevich lives in Burlington, Ontario. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University, where she studied English literature, and went on to Humber College where she studied TESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language). She used to write creative pieces for her school’s arts magazine Blueprint and now writes for fun. 

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