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New agent at Canadian literary agency Transatlantic; TLA now has 5 literary agents looking for authors

Transatlantic Agency 
72 Glengowan Road
Toronto, ON M4N 1G4

Update, Feb 8, 2013: The Transatlantic Literary Agency has shortened their name to the Transatlantic Agency and has launched a new website here. Their email protocol also changes, to: 

Transatlantic Literary Agency has five literary agents who are looking for clients:

Fiona Kenshole is the newest member of the team, having just joined Transatlantic this month.  Fiona will represent children's authors from picture book to YA. She also represents illustrators. 

Fiona brings a lifetime of passion and experience of children’s and YA books: she was still just a teen when she started working in a children’s bookshop. After graduating with a Masters in English Literature from Cambridge University, she went on to spend 20 years as a senior publisher holding key positions in the UK, as Publishing Director at Oxford University Press Children’s Books, Deputy Managing Director of Hodder Children’s Books and Editorial Director at HarperCollins. Her authors have won or been nominated for every major British children’s literary award. Several have become million-copy bestsellers. Fiona was nominated for “Editor of the Year” at the British Book Awards.

Fiona has lectured widely on children’s books including at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and taught publishing to Masters degree students at Oxford Brookes University. She is herself a published author. She has organized children’s events for the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival. In 2004 she became Vice President of Development Acquisition at Laika Inc. She moved to the USA and spent several years creating a development slate of new projects for the animation studio. Fiona has worked with major directors and screenwriters, acquiring and adapting children’s books and original scripts into movies, including the Academy nominated “Coraline” and “Paranorman.” 

Query Fiona at: 

Include the first three chapters of your book and a full synopsis plus a short biography, pasted into the body of the email No attachments.
“I am happy to consider illustrators, but if you have artwork to show, please contact me in advance before sending it. I personally read everything that is sent and consider it carefully, so my current response time is 6 weeks. If you haven’t heard within that time, feel free to email me a reminder.

Meghan Macdonald has been with the Transatlantic Agency since 2009 and has been a part-time literary agent and publishing consultant since 2010, representing adult fiction and nonfiction projects, and exploring innovative digital publishing opportunities for the agency’s clients. 

Previously, she was Executive Assistant to David Grossman at the David Grossman Literary Agency in the UK. Her background in healthcare services (pharmacy) and academia (Classical Greece and Rome) has helped inform her tastes, especially with regard to non-fiction projects.

Her particular interests are in literary fiction, mystery novels, historical fiction (that has been impeccably researched but is still a fictional narrative), and persuasive and/or polemic non-fiction. She is also interested in scholarly non-fiction, particularly historical treatments, that are intelligent and accessible without being simplistic (examples are: Augustus by John Buchan, Apocalypse by Neil Faulkner, The Sea Kingdoms by Alistair Moffat, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill, and Persian Fire by Tom Holland).

Meghan’s clients include Journey Prize finalists Kevin Hardcastle and Christine Fischer Guy, bestselling author Zander Sherman, Master Cicerone Mirella Amato, and Edmonton Journal books columnist Michael Hingston. 

Query Meghan at:
 Include your name and the title of the manuscript in the subject line (example: Query: John Smith - My Manuscript). Please send a 1-page cover letter in the body of the email and as an attachment, and attach a 1-page synopsis and the first 30-pages of the manuscript double-spaced, or thereabouts where a natural break occurs. Make sure all your attachments are free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I want to see a polished excerpt or manuscript, not your first draft."

Note: Meghan will be the guest speaker at How to Get Published, Saturday, May 4, 2013, in Barrie. See here

Samantha Haywood specialises in international publishing and has over 15 years’ experience selling primarily Canadian authors at home and abroad for volume publication and film/tv representation.  Samantha represents literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels.

She’s particularly interested in literary thrillers and upmarket mystery, historical fiction, smart contemporary fiction, upmarket woman’s fiction (but not romance), and cross-over novels (but no young adult novels unless they have adult trade potential as well.

In non-fiction, Samantha prefers narrative non-fiction, especially on culturally relevant topics; such as investigative journalism, politics, women’s issues, memoirs (must be truly original or by well-known people), environmental issues, historical narratives handled in fresh ways, sexuality, and true crime with societal implications. She’s looking for a strong narrative drive and a distinctive voice at all times.

Graphic novels may be either fiction or non-fiction. Samantha prefers full-length graphic novels but will consider story collections. She also welcomes memoir, biography, travel narrative, and other non-fiction graphica.
Attach a writing sample (20 pages maximum), along with a publishing history and a synopsis.

Patricia Ocampo with author Kenneth Oppal and his wife
Philippa Sheppard

Patricia Ocampo represents children's authors. In her first position in publishing, Patricia Ocampo divided her time between the children’s editorial departments at HarperCollins US and HarperCollins Canada, working out of the Toronto office. Since 2008, she has worked in sales, both at HarperCollins and Hachette Book Group.

Patricia is interested in children’s books only (early readers, middle-grade, young adult). Picture books will only be considered by referral from another TLA client or if you have been previously published. Absolutely no poetry or verse.

Please email complete manuscripts in PDF to:
Submissions with only a summary or sample chapters will be immediately deleted. This applies to all submissions, not just picture books. The body of your email should include a short synopsis, your current place of residence, and an indication if it is a multiple or exclusive submission. Due to the volume of submissions received, further enquiries will be sent only for submissions being actively considered. If you have not received a reply within twelve weeks, you can assume there is no further interest.

Marie Campbell has worked in children’s publishing in London, UK, and in Toronto for more than 20 years. As an agent, she specializes in children’s writers, with a particular interest in middle-grade fiction. She is not actively acquiring new clients at this time but is open to concise query letters via email. No non-fiction or poetry collections.

Query Marie at:
 Highlight past publishing credits and/or referral from published authors/TLA clients. Do not submit further writing samples, either by post or email, until contacted. Due to the volume of submissions received, unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned. Replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.

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