Friday, March 5, 2010

Marisa Iozzi Corvisiero joins L Perkins Agency

L Perkins Agency
5800 Arlington Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10471
L Perkins has three agents, ranging from newest to new, and they're all looking for authors.
Marisa Iozzi Corvisiero is an author and an attorney as well as an agent. She is the founder of The Corvisiero Law Practice, P.C., where she practices Entertainment Law and Corporate Law. In the last few years Marisa has merged her passions in writing and in the law into her entertainment law practice, and she is now representing several authors.
Marisa and Lori Perkins of the L Perkins Literary Agency have recently formalized a relationship whereby Marisa is accepting submissions made to her via the L Perkins Literary Agency and is now building her list.
Marisa is seeking: Fiction interests include cross genre romance, science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy, horror, literary, quality chick lit, young adult and children's books. Nonfiction interest include memoirs, how-to (in any industry), guides and tales about the legal practice, parenting, self-help, and mainstream science (no textbooks please).

Send your query and first two chapters or full book for picture books (illustrations are not necessary) to Marisa at

Sandy Lu is seeking literary and commercial fiction, upscale women’s fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, and historical fiction. She is especially interested in edgy, contemporary urban fiction.

In nonfiction, she is seeking submissions in narrative non-fiction, history, biography, memoir, science, psychology, pop culture, and food writing. She also has a particular interest in Asian or Asian American writing, both original and in translation, fiction and non-fiction.

Sandy can be reached at

Lori Perkins has a fondness for cross-genre fiction, erotica, vampire novels and romance.  She also likes horror, social science fiction, dark fantasy, and dark literary novels.

In nonfiction, she handles books about pop culture (music, art, film, TV, etc) and she is also interested in architecture and design. She does not want to receive straight romance, Westerns, non-quirky mysteries, children's books, plays, screenplays, articles or short stories.  Send queries to

Lori is also editorial director of Ravenous Romance, an ebook publisher of  woman's erotica.  See here:
If you have an erotic short story or novel for Ravenous, send to

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For information about all of Brian's upcoming writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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