Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Metazen on-line literary journal

Metazen is an on-line literary journal published out of Halifax by Francesca “Frank” Hinton. It publishes a new story 5 days a week, a literary cartoon on Saturdays and (usually) a best of metazen on Sundays. It also publishes art and poetry (submit only 2 poems at a time).  Your fiction should be short (1,000-5,000 words max), and your flash fiction (even shorter) should be odd.

Frank likes absurdism and writing that makes her laugh.  But she especially likes meta-fiction – fiction that is conscious of the fiction process itself. Give her good meta-fiction and, “I will drool,” says she.  Don't send non-fiction.  "Metazen does not believe in non-fiction, both in a literary sense and an existential sense."

Submit stories in the body of the email.  Include a short, third person bio, and email to: editor.metazen@gmail.com
Submission guidelines here.

Photo: Frank Hinton

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