Sunday, February 20, 2011

"The Meaning of Children," a short story collection by Beverly Akerman

Dear Brian
Just wanted to let you know that my new book, The Meaning of Children, a short story collection published by Exile Editions, is now available through and (And, hopefully, coming soon to a bookstore near you!)

I’m looking for an American and a UK publisher, so I really value the agent update information your website provides! I’d like to invite you and your readers to look me up on my website or at Facebook (the book has its own page), where I’ll be putting launch, reading(s), and other information as it becomes available.

Best to you,
Beverly Akerman MSc

A manuscript version of The Meaning of Children won the 2010 David Adams Richards Prize from the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick. Judge JoAnne Soper-Cook said the work shows: "a keen, incisive vision into the hidden world of children as well as intimate knowledge of the secret spaces that exist between the everyday events of life. There is knowledge here, knowledge of those important, life defining moments of puberty, the birth of a sibling, an encounter with a possibly dangerous stranger. Overall, a work with a brilliant sense of story."

Individual stories have also won or placed in contests, including the Sheldon Currie Prize and Best New Writing 2011 (Editor's Choice Award). Here’s a sampling of the feedback received from editors and judges on individual stories:

“Emotional and tightly written.” David Bright, Gemini Magazine;

“Solid and very funny. Great stuff!” Karl Jirgens, Rampike;

“Oh, it's lovely. I like it when my body responds to writing; right now there's an ache in my throat.” Susan Rendell, EarLit Shorts;

“The judges liked…the resistance to the happy ending, and the idea that there is often something or someone waiting for the small mistake.” The Writers’ Union of Canada, 2007 Short Prose Competition Jury

“I love the mystery and the fear in this story—the ending works so well.” Colleen Donfield, The Sun;

“...beautifully unbearable...” Nancy Zafris, Flannery O'Connor Awards.

Note: You can buy The Meaning of Children on-line from here or from here.

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  1. thanks for this! the book was recently reviewed in The Globe & Mail online, where reviewer Katie Hewitt wrote:“This isn’t the invented childhood of imagination and wonderment… [here] children both corrupt and redeem: each other, family relationships and the female body.”

    for the entire review, please see:

    and i'm still trying to keep up with your agent postings!!




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