Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Life Cycles" and "In the End," two poems by Tabitha Kot

Life Cycles

Shivering Earth Mother,
pull closer your coat of withered leaves
and brown wet grass.

Cold wind-tickled toes
Autumn sun-kissed face
drop deeply to slumber
and rest well.

From your shrouded stillness


shadowbelly rumblings
dark mystery murmurings
Earth-womb whisperings

for seasons yet to come.

In the End

Shattered woman,
leaking soul from your lips,

What does it take to get to this place?

Leaning against neglected walls
clutching your string of pearls
The ghost of your child
            is your rope of death.

Hollow woman,
            slit open
     by the blade of loss,
love-guts long washed away by your pressure-hose tears,
you speak to me in cold whispers about your dream—
            that a bullet in your head
            stops your heart.
the machine deep inside your chest
keeps that heart beating.
Your life
moves along.

Shadow woman,
stroking the porcelain back
of your headless child-replacement
seated beside you on the couch.
Searching through a box of eyes
so that what is sightless can see,
you are blind to the ones who still breathe.
Lifeless creations you cradle in your bosom,
while the ones still in warm flesh
stand bleeding for your love.

that once was Woman,
swinging by the vapours of
a child long gone.
What is vital,
sacrificed to memory.
Here there will be
no peace.

Tabitha Kot is a freelance writer and poet with work appearing in Vitality Magazine, The Trucking Network, and The Mississauga News.  A tree hugger at heart and a Yoga teacher by trade, her inspiration comes from the simplicity of the natural world and the complexity of human dynamics.  You can visit her at:

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