Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Book: The Silk Shroud by Jamie Tremain aka Pam Blance & Liz Lindsay

Good morning, Brian.
Pam Blance here. It has been almost ten years since I started your classes in Oakville. A friend and colleague, Liz Lindsay decided to join me on this journey of writing. We call ourselves Jamie Tremain. Liz came to your classes when you were in the Guelph area and we were hooked. We dreamt of someday being published so we continued to learn at workshops and conferences.
There were only a few bumps on the road to publication as we work well together, bar a few swear words here and there. We signed a contract two years ago, with a small boutique publishing house in Oregon – Black Opal Books - and our book The Silk Shroud was released this year. We are thrilled with the outcome.
What we did learn was patience. When we were waiting on the publishing world to recognize our genius, or hear back from an editor, the trick is to keep on writing. We also became acquainted with the writing community and would support others by way of our blog with author interviews.
We have another book that needs a bit of revising and polishing and the start of a sequel to The Silk Shroud. Working together is not for everyone but maybe the writers in your class would consider doing so. It’s good to have someone at your back.
Thanks again for your inspiring classes and we always enjoy your newsletter.
Pam Blance
Liz Lindsay
Aka Jamie Tremain

The Silk Shroud
Pam & Liz
What do Geisha dolls, industrial espionage, and a mysterious silken fabric have in common?
That’s the riddle that Portland, Oregon, private investigator Dorothy Dennehy has to solve when she’s hired by businessman Paul Webster. Paul’s company has become entangled in the rivalry between a firm he’s merging with and a no-holds-barred unsavory competitor. 
While Dorothy’s background as a cop combined with her expertise in using disguises – comes into play, Paul’s skills as a former intelligence officer are also an asset as the two work together to save his company from ruin. Dodging murder and kidnapping attempts, Paul and Dorothy follow a trail of clues leading to a long-forgotten art-and-antiquities theft…and murder. But the discovery of a body, showing a lack of the expected decay, has everyone puzzled. Can Paul and Dorothy survive long enough to unravel the mystery, or will they become the devious killer’s next victims?
Available through Black Opal Books here or in Kindle Edition through here.

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