Saturday, November 1, 2008

Awakening, Tabitha Kot

Sitting innocently in my car,
weaving my way through rush hour traffic,
distracted and crunching on a tart Macintosh.
She silently, invisibly, slinks through the
of my open window.
Gliding across the breadth of my shoulders,
licking Her way up the back of my neck,
She slides seductively across my jawline,
rises up to my ear and
whispers, hotly,
Your life
is your sacred space.
And She is gone.
I blink once,
My eyes open to a
She is in everything I see.
She is in everything I hear.
She is in all that I touch,
all that I taste,
all that I smell,
all that I know.
I see the jewel of Aphrodite sparkling
in everything I behold.
The world becomes precious to me
in a heartbeat
with Her
in it.
I am home.

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