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Five literary agents at Kimberley Cameron agency seek new authors

Amy Cloughley
Kimberley Cameron & Associates
1550 Tiburon Blvd.
Tiburon, CA 94920

I recently had an email from Kimberley Cameron letting me know about an update in their submissions procedure.  Since Kimberley’s agency is a great place for new authors to submit, I thought I should do a complete new posting on the agency. - Brian

Amy Cloughley is the newest member of the team at Kimberley Cameron & Associates. She joined in 2012 with a background in editing, writing and marketing. Amy seeks authors with unique, clear voices who put forth smart, tightly written prose. As a new agent, she is actively building her client list and is looking both for veteran writers and new authors.

Amy enjoys literary and upmarket fiction of all types  in addition to commercial fiction, including well-researched historical fiction and well told woman’s fiction. She also loves page-turning mystery, suspense and thrillers with sharp wit and unexpected turns. She has a soft spot for distinctive, strong contemporary characters set in small towns. Amy always looks for an unexpected story acr, a suitable pace and compelling protagonist.

Amy is also looking for narrative nonfiction in which “the plot and characters are immersed in a culture, lifestyle discipline, or industry” (meaning, I think, that she wants nonfiction that provides both a story and an inside look at a distinct milieu). Amy will also consider travel or adventure memoirs.

For fiction, attach a one-page synopsis and the first 50 pages of your manuscript as Word files or as a Rich Text Format files. Include “Author submission” in the subject line.
For nonfiction, attach a full nonfiction proposal and sample chapters, including the first chapter and not exceeding 50 pages as a Word files or as a Rich Text Format files. Include “Author submission” in the subject line.

Kimberley Cameron
Four more agents at Kimberley Cameron & Associates are also looking for clients:

Kimberley Cameron is the agency’s president. She is looking for outstanding writing in any field, particularly writing that touches the heart and makes us feel something. She’s been successful with many different genres and loves the thrill of securing a publishing contract for debut authors. 
Query Kimberley at

Elizabeth Kracht joined the agency in the fall of 2010. In fiction, she represents literary, commercial, women’s thrillers, mysteries and YA with crossover appeal. She is intrigued by untrustworthy narrators, tragic tales of class and circumstances, and identifies with flawed and quirky yet sterling characters.

Elizabeth Kracht
In nonfiction, she particularly loves voice-driven or adventure-driven memoir, and other nonfiction projects that contribute to the well-being of the self or others, in addition to niche projects that fill holes in the market, offer a fresh approach or make her laugh. She also has a soft spot for heroic nonfiction pet stories.

Query Elizabeth at

Ethan Vaughan joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in the fall or 2011 after completing a summer internship with Folio Literary Management. In fantasy and science fiction, Ethan is very selective and particularly looks for believable characters and the integration of mythology into modern life (think of the Percy Jackson series).

Ethan Vaughan
He has a soft spot for quirky, under the radar stories like And Having Writ…  and The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

Ethan is also looking for literary fiction, horror, historical fiction, accessible historical nonfiction (Cleopatra: A Life, for example), well done political literature and women’s fiction.

Ethan is actively searching for new voices.

Query Ethan at

Pooja Menon joined the agency in the fall of 2011 as in intern. As a new agent, Pooja is looking to build her client list and is eager for submissions both from new novelists and from veteran authors.

Pooja is looking for compelling writing with an easy flow, a timely pacing, a unique perspective, and strong voices. She enjoys literary, commercial, historical, and upmarket women’s fiction but is particularly drawn to stories with an international flavor, vibrant characters, multicultural themes, and lush settings. 

She has a soft spot for fantasy novels that are original and layered, with worlds as real and alive as the ones created by J.K. Rowling and JRR Tolkien.

In YA, Pooja is looking for stories that deal with the prevalent issues that face teenagers today. She is also interested in fantasy, magical-realism, and historical fiction.

In nonfiction Pooja is looking for adventure and travel memoirs, journalism and human interest stories, and self-help books addressing relationships and the human psychology from a fresh perspective.

Query Pooja at

Carly Watters
For fiction, attach a one-page synopsis and the first 50 pages of your manuscript as Word files or as a Rich Text Format files. Include “Author submission” in the subject line.

For nonfiction, attach a full nonfiction proposal and sample chapters (including the first chapter and not exceeding 50 pages) as Word files or as Rich Text Format files. Include “Author submission” in the subject line.  

Full submission guidelines here.

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