Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Love letters – Where your fellow writers are getting published

Hi, Brian.
I have some exciting news.  Nancy Clark emailed me today asking if she could include my story “Speak Softly” in an anthology she is putting together of the Best of Commuterlit. There will be 20 pieces in volume 1 and the same in volume 2.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I'm thrilled!
Cathy Hendrix
You can read Cathy’s story, “Speak Softly,” here. For information about submitting to CommuterLit, see here.

Hi, Brian.
Hope all is well. I am delighted to inform you that once more Commuterlit will be publishing one of my stories, “A Cup of Tea.”
Ali Lawati
Read Ali’s story here. For information about submitting to CommuterLit, see here.

Dear Brian:
We have at least seven more plan to drive down from Elliot Lake for the “How to Build Your Story” workshop in Sudbury on Sept 22 (see here).
Also, I wanted to let you to know that Chicken Soup for the Soul has accepted two of my short stories for publication on October 8th  and 15th  I can thank your workshops, your blogs and our creative writing group (and possibly the onset of old age and wisdom) for this new success in writing.
Thank you again for being our writing guru.
Gloria Hansen
To read one of Gloria’s short stories, see here. For information about submitting to Chicken Soup, see here.

Hi, Brian!
I had an acceptance last week from that Passion: Poetry new listing you posted on QBF around July 10th or so. Sent five, one was accepted!  Keeps me going, that feeling of "wuhoo"!  This is really nice, since it is their first issue (Sep2013) and it is a print magazine - my first!

Happies atcha,
Francine Lee
For information about submitting to Passion: Poetry, see here.

Dear Brian,
 It happened again! I entered my short story, "Grandfather's Magnifying Glass," in The Writers' Union of Canada short story contest, and it was one of 102 that went to a second reading. This was out of 505 entries, so I'm pleased. The readers' comments are more comprehensive than they were with "Butterflies," which achieved a second reading last year. Maybe next year I'll actually place! I'll certainly keep trying.
The winner this year is 19, believe it or not, and very smug and full of herself. Channeling Anne Lamott, I only wish her a little bad luck, like maybe that her head explodes.
I would never have written "Grandfather's Magnifying Glass" if it hadn't been for you. That story arose out of your advice about opening a novel to a random page, taking the first full sentence on the right-hand side, and letting it inspire, then writing for 20 minutes.
P.S. The nicest comment I got from the Writers’ Union on "Grandfather's Magnifying Glass," said, "I loved this tender sombre story with its final glimpse of happiness."
Hmmm, maybe that's a better than saying I hope the winner's head explodes.... :o)
To read a short story by Mary Steer, see here.

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