Sunday, November 10, 2013

Love letters: Where your fellow writers are getting published

Hi, Brian.
Just wanted you to know my novel, The Cook's Temptation, will be published by Mosaic Press in February 2014.
Joyce Wayne

Good morning, Brian.
Prairie Journal has published my short story, “A Quest.” They have entered it 
in the McClelland Journey Prize for 2013. 
Also, The electronic journal Northern Cardinal Review, featuring poetry, non-fiction essays, and book reviews published my essay "The Visit" last month (see here) and two of my three-line poems (here).
And three of my paintings: “After the Flood,” “Kokum's Gift,” and “The Storyteller” and two poems are being published in a magazine Voicings that is being issued for the first time in November. (See here.)
I’m enjoying the Intensive Creative Writing course Wednesday afternoons in Burlington. Thanks to you and my great classmates I'm learning to write.
Gordon Miller
For information about submitting to the Northern Cardinal Review, see here. For information about submitting to Voicings and Prairie Journal, see here.
For information about upcoming weekly creative writing courses, scroll down here.

CommuterLit is going to publish my story called I Love Trudy next week. I wrote it while I was taking your class. Thanks for the inspiration.
Read Kathy’s story here.

I was in your Sudbury “How to Build Your Story” workshop. Thanks for the pointer regarding CommuterLit! They’ve published a piece of mine, “Grading the Curve.”
Dave Cushing
Read Dave’s piece here.

Hi, Brian.
I hope all is well with you.  Since taking your “How to Build Your Story” workshop in Peterborough this past July, I have had four new short stories published on Peach Fuzz,  The Ring,  Left Turn, and  Friday Night Bandit.
You sparked a writing frenzy!  I had a lot of fun writing Friday Night Bandit. I thought about what you have taught me in your workshops: Put the main character in a bad situation, then make it worse and then have them make a life decision - change for the better, change for the worse or stay the same. 
My story, “Time's a Wasting,” will be included in CommuterLit Selections Fall 2013.
Thanks for your continued support,
Nancy Boyce

My next “How to Build Your Story” workshop is coming up Sunday, Nov 17, in Ottawa. See here.
For information about submitting to CommuterLit here.
Hi, Brian.
I just finished a creative writing class at the U of Guelph called The Novel (it was the first of 8 classes) and thought you would like to know that your workshops are 100 times better.  It was a waste of time and money – I'm trying to get out of the course.
You should apply for that position if they offer it again – I would definitely take it if you were the instructor.  Your classes present way more content, and have a good mix of writing, discussion and teaching.
That's all :)

Alice Munro (Because I'm always happy
to have an excuse to publish her picture)
Hi, Brian;
Just to let you know that one of my devotionals has again been accepted into the Praise Writers Magazine, Issue 2. This is very exciting!
Rosemary Hagedorn
For information about submitting to Praise Writers, see here.

Hi, Brian.
I thought you might want to put up a link to the winning Alice Munro Festival Stories. You can read all ten of them here.   There were five stories selected in the youth category and five in the adult category.  My own story, “Nearly Forever” placed fourth in the adult category and I was delighted.  The other stories are wonderful and well worth the time to read and enjoy them.  They are listed on the right hand side of the home page for the festival and easily accessed by clicking on each of them.
Susan McCrae
To read more about the Alice Munro short story contest, see here.

See Brian Henry’s schedule here, including writing workshops and creative writing courses in Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Bolton, Caledon, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Guelph, London, Orangeville, Newmarket, Barrie, Midland, Orillia, Thessalon, Algoma, Kitchener-Waterloo, Sudbury, Muskoka, Peel, Halton, the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

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