Saturday, April 15, 2017

“The Message” and “Life is a Long Road” two poems by M Yasin Janjua

The Message

I stopped by the Christians
They said, Peace on You
I stopped by the Jews
They said, Shalom
I stopped by the Muslims
They said, Salam 

I stopped by the Strangers
They were speaking a language
I couldn’t understand . . .
But they smiled and waved
My mind processed the image
And sent it to the heart

I listened to my heart
My heart said, So many languages,
But the message is one

Take the message and
Spread it through thy world:
“Peace on you”

Life is a long Road

Life is a long road, and
We are stopped at the red light
Looking through the windshield

The night is pouring down,
Inside the driving cabin
the dampness in the air
Is surrounding us
And drenching my soul

Falling raindrops
Are splitting into tiny splashes
Ready to be swept by the droopy wiper blades
They are all bent to erase memories of us
While we are stopped at the red light

In the downtown of my soul
Looking at dull brick houses
Closed smoked grey doors
And broken windows ...
I am searching for answers
While stopped at the red light
Staring at the long road,

Changing colors on distant traffic lights
Sending incandescent reflections
Creating broken rainbows
On gleaming asphalt road
Brimming with dancing raindrops
While we are stopped at the red light

Looking through the windshield
I am waiting for the signal to change
Thinking, if all next would be green
We will cruise through this life
All the way, on this long road

M. Yasin Janjua is an economist and entrepreneur by profession. Prior to becoming his own boss (entrepreneur) he worked as senior executive in international development. As an entrepreneur, he has been a driving force behind three start-ups. He is passionate about writing and has been published in Urdu language and is now committing his new found love to write in English for wider audience. Yasin has authored several technical publications on youth skills development, poverty, and Millennium Development Goals in Pakistan. He has been a public speaker on poverty, youth and skills development. Yasin holds an MA and PhD (ABD) in Economics from Kansas State University, U.S. and M. Phil in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.

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