Friday, February 3, 2023

New book: So Hard to Do by Sally Basmajian

Dear Brian,

It's been such a whirlwind preparing for the January 24, 2023, launch of my rom-com, So Hard to Do. The novel, as you may remember, experienced its first twitches of life in one of your classes a few years ago. At long last, it's ready to emerge into the world. The publisher, a small Maryland company called Creative James Media, has provided ongoing coaching, and I've learned so much in the process.

I hope So Hard to Do makes readers smile. Even though it's fun and bubbly, there are some serious aspects to it. I thought you might be interested in reading part of the Author's Statement from my press kit materials:

I’m the author of a novel that features characters who range along the spectrum, but I don’t pretend to possess clinical expertise. Instead, I write from a personal perspective, having cherished and lived with family members with ASD. Like the rest of us, their deepest desire is to be loved and accepted. Often, they struggle mightily.

Sometimes, though, with a lot of family support and professional help, an ASD child will navigate the public school system, make a successful transition to a higher education facility, and ultimately seek and secure a job. The path may be rocky and the progress interrupted by frequent backtracks, but it can happen. In fact, I know it does – I’ve witnessed it.


As for romance, which is rarely easy for any of us: well, it’s that much more challenging for someone with autism. One of the driving motivators for me in plotting this book was to give my characters happily-ever-after endings, regardless of whether they’re neurotypical or not. Perhaps some of my outcomes overflow with optimism, but writing them made me feel hopeful for us all.

People on the spectrum can find true love. It’s important to keep the faith. My husband did – and, lucky man, he eventually found me!

Available online here.

Also, I have a memoir piece  in the First Person column of The Globe & Mail: The Thrill of Performing (and a strapless bra) was all we needed at 14. See here.  

It's a very exciting time!

All the best,

Sally Basmajian

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