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Annick Press seeks Picture Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, and nonfiction for all ages

Annick Press

388 Carlaw Avenue
Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario

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Annick Press is currently accepting submissions of picture books, middle grade fiction, YA fiction, and nonfiction for kids of all ages. Annick’s stories feature contemporary themes (even if the setting is historical) and aim to instill kids with the joy of reading.

“We are committed to publishing diverse authors and illustrators and believe strongly in producing books that reflect our readers' own experiences while broadening their perspectives. In considering submissions, we prioritize #ownvoices representation of underrepresented and marginalized communities and identities. We encourage creators who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+, Indigenous, Black, and people of color to submit their work. We also encourage submissions from creators living with disabilities. Click here to read about our new Editorial Mentorship Program.”

Send submissions to “The Editor” at:

Attach files in .docx or .pdf format

Katie Hearn, Editorial Director, Annick Press

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Picture Books

“The picture books that excite us most combine original ideas with strong storytelling and inherent appeal for kids. We prefer child-centered stories that tap into deeper issues and emotions, conveying poignant messages without being didactic. Generally, we prefer to receive the manuscript alone, without illustrations, though you are welcome to include suggestions. Our picture books tend to be 32 pages and no longer than 1000 words.”

Submit your full manuscript and cover letter to

Middle Grade Fiction

“Annick’s middle reader novels aim to engage kids with exciting stories that inspire deep thought and reflection. We’re looking for original stories with motivated characters, high stakes, and gripping action, even if it’s delivered in subtle form. Humor, even if used occasionally, is an asset. The typical length of our middle reader novels is 20,000 to 40,000 words.”

Submit your first chapter, synopsis and cover letter to

Young Adult Fiction

“Annick’s YA fiction features distinctive contemporary voices that wrestle with the big issues that matter to teens. We’re looking for powerful, dramatic, thought-provoking stories across most sub-genres, though the best way to determine if your manuscript might be a fit for us is to check out a few of our recent teen titles. Our YA novels tend to range from 50,000 to 70,000 words.”

Submit your first chapter, synopsis and cover letter to


“Annick’s nonfiction titles aim to hook readers with fascinating subject matter, appealing to their natural sense of wonder. These books give kids a solid foundation of facts while allowing them to draw their own conclusions. 

We’re looking for manuscripts that combine an original idea with narrative skills, a distinctive voice and dedication to accuracy. Show us your passion for the material and the little-known details that will captivate kids and encourage further exploration.”

Submit a sample chapter, detailed outline and cover letter to


“We’re always looking to add new illustrators to our list. We’re keen to see portfolios that demonstrate stylistic range, expressive characters and visual storytelling. Don’t forget to include illustrations of kids!”

Send sample images or a link to your portfolio, along with a few words about yourself, to

Full submission guidelines here.

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