Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Death and Darkness and other cheerful place to send your short prose and poetry (Some of them pay)

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The Dark is an online magazine that publishes dark fantasy and horror.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment or to deviate from the ordinary; be different – try us with fiction that may fall out of ‘regular’ categories. However, it is also important to understand that despite the name, The Dark is not a market for graphic, violent horror."

Length: 2,000 – 6,000 words.

Pays 5 cents/word US for original fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for first world rights; and 1 cent/word for reprint fiction up to 6,000 words on publication for nonexclusive reprint rights.

Full submission guidelines here.

Pure Slush is looking for submissions to Death, the final volume in its 12-volume Lifespan anthology series.

Your Death submission must be:

  • original, so previously unpublished online or in print (so that includes authors’ websites and blogs)
  • 150-word minimum limit for fiction and nonfiction, stories and essays / maximum 1,000 words. (That’s for each story / essay: maximum number of prose pieces you can submit is 3.)
  • 80-word minimum limit for poetry / maximum 1,000 words. (That’s for each poem: maximum number of poems you can submit is 5.)
  • must include something about death and dying.

You must be minimum 18 years of age to submit.

Deadline: June 20, 2024. Full submission guidelines here.

DarkWinter Press and Literary Magazine

“Whether you're emerging or established, we want your weird, your traditional with a twist, your humour, your dark thoughts, or your elation. We’re open to anything – just make it interesting. Make us think.”

DarkWinter Literary Magazine is an independent online publication which focuses on short fiction and poetry. Prose submissions should be a maximum of 2,000 words; poetry a maximum of 500 words. Full submission guidelines here.

DarkWinter Press is an independent press from Ontario, Canada, looking to publish outstanding novellas, novels, short story collections, and poetry collections in both paperback and e-book form. Unfortunately, submissions to the press are currently closed. Guidelines here.


Peasant Magazine is a literary journal featuring fantasy and historical fiction stories. It’s run by volunteers, so has no set timeline for when it will release new issues. 

Stories should be 1,000 – 10,000 words. They also welcome comic strips, and nonfiction on topics related to fantasy story-telling or historical nonfiction, 500 – 7,500 words. But query first.

They are focussed on pre-industrial settings (pre-1750).

See full submission guidelines here.


Quick Brown Fox welcomes your short stories, poems, and essays about reading, writing, favourite books, and libraries. Read a few pieces on the blog to get a taste of what other writers have done. See here and scroll down.

Quick Brown Fox also welcomes book reviews and reviews of any kind and of anything, anywhere or anybody. If you want to review your favourite coffee shops or libraries, babysitters or lovers (no real names please), go for it. See examples of book reviews here {and scroll down).

Submit to:

Include a short bio at the end of your piece and attach a photo of yourself.

 See information about all our upcoming weekly writing classes, one-day workshops, and four-day retreats here.

For information about other places to send your short works, see here (and scroll down).

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