Saturday, May 9, 2009

She's the type, Brody McVittie

She’s the type who tells you she doesn’t like sad songs,
right before she tells you it’s over

by Brody McVittie

She’s the kind
who’s really just not.

She’ll give you the eyes that say

before pushing her lips to say
go away.

And she’ll turn her head
just a little to the left;
and the look, you think, is just right
and you wonder where to take her next
and she’s waiting for you to take her home
so she can tell you goodnight.

So you move closer
because it’s time and you’ve put in the
and she tells you it will take time
and much more
before the time you move your lips against her lips
when she moves her lips
and not against yours,
moves her lips to tell you
over dinner you’re paying for
that it will take dinners
and many many more.

She’s every sad song
on the radio on the way home;
and the curves in the road
have you picturing hers
the way you will tonight

Brody McVittie is a struggling writer out of London, Ontario. He’s authored two full-length novels, Lion & Lamb and Writing In and Of Color, both of which are currently in the revision process. His relationship advice – which he’s grossly unqualified to dispense – can be found on
He also writes for HEART Business Journal for Women, LifeStyle Ontario, and Daytripping magazines.

“Please stop by my blog at Any and all feedback is appreciated.” - Brody

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  1. nice poem. much enjoyed.

  2. I love it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Poem makes me think of myself. or at least what im thinking sometimes....and just for the record i only resort to sad songs when i need them. then i move on to the happier ones.


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