Saturday, August 15, 2009

Know, Science magazine for kids 6 - 9

Piper Publishing
501-3960 Quadra Street
Victoria, B.C. V8X 4A3

Know is a science magazine for children ages 6 to 9. We strive to engage our readers in a fun, informative, and interactive way, keeping in mind that children this age have a range of reading abilities and limited science background.
Every issue of KNOW contains short news items, regular departments, a lengthy section related to our theme, short fiction, activities, hands-on projects, interviews and more.

Fiction & Poetry: We are interested in receiving short fiction or poetry (theme-related. If you are submitting your fiction, please keep the following in mind:
- Fiction must be related, even loosely, to the theme.
- It is desirable, but not imperative, that there be a science “tie-in”. (In other words, don’t force the science connection.)
- We are looking for lively, engaging, excellent writing.
- Fiction submissions should be up to 500 words.
- No queries; completed stories and poems only.
- A bibliography is required for all retold folklore/mythology

Non-fiction: At this time we are not accepting queries or unsolicited non-fiction articles. If, however, you have experience writing about science for 6-to-9-year old children you are invited to contact the editor and you may also forward some samples of your published work.

Other: KNOW will include puzzles, games, brainteasers, math and word activities. We will consider any original ideas.

Editorial Themes for 2010:
Issue 25 – Jan/Feb 2010: Winter Olympics. Submissions due Sept 15, 2009
Issue 26 – Mar/Apr 2010: Sticky Science (glue, slime, etc.) . Submissions due Nov 15, 2009
Issue 27 – May/June 2010: Backyard Birds. Submissions due Jan 15, 2010
Issue 28 – July/Aug 2010: Deserts. Submissions due March 15, 2010
Issue 29 – Sept/Oct 2010: Shapes and Pattern. Submissions due May15, 2010
Issue 30 – Nov/Dec 2010: Moons (not just Earth’s Moon). Submissions due July 15, 2010
Pays about 40 to 50 cents per word (Canadian)

Email submissions to:

Complete guidelines for Know here:

Note: For information about Brian Henry’s upcoming writing workshops and courses see here.

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