Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Illegally Blonde," new teen fiction by Nelsa Roberto

Hi Brian:

I'm one of the many thousands of students you've helped over the years. I took a course at George Brown College with you a few years ago and I just wanted to let you know that I'm now represented by The Carolyn Swayze Agency and my young adult novel, Illegally Blonde has just been released on March 30 by Great Plains Teen Fiction.

Thanks for your continuing dedication to teaching creative writing and the encouragement you provide to all your students.

Nelsa Roberto

About Illegally Blonde:
Sometimes discovering your roots is about a lot more than watching your real hair colour grow in…

When seventeen-year-old Lucy do Amaral comes home with newly bleached blonde hair she expects a major lecture and another grounding from her strict Portuguese parents. What she doesn’t expect is the shocking news that her parents are illegal aliens who’ve just been told they’re being deported in less than a week. Lucy’s furious at her parents and has no intention of leaving her boyfriend and missing prom and grad to go live in some backwater village with no cable, no movie theatre and no life in some country she knows nothing about.

But, as Lucy discovers, intentions and reality are sometimes worlds apart - or, in Lucy’s case, at least an ocean away. Lucy’s desperation to return to her ‘real’ home ensnares her in a web of illegal activity that threatens more than her journey home. But it’s when she unexpectedly falls for a guy whose connection to his home is centuries old that she finally realizes you can never run away from your roots – not even if you bleach them.

Order Illegally Blonde here.  
Info about submitting to Great Plains Publications here.
Info about the Carolyn Swayze Agency here.

Note: In the spring, Brian Henry will be leading a number of "How to Get Published" workshops: in Gravenhurst on April 17, Moncton, NB, on April 23, in Peterborough on April 24, Kingston on April 25, Uxbridge on May 8, and Hamilton on May 15.
For information about all of Brian's upcoming writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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