Friday, June 18, 2010

Two poems by Liz Crockett

The day
my father died
the river flowed
the earth shook
the winds blew
and there I stood

But, then
I got through it at the time
feeling the toughness
of weathered hide
but then
the waterfall intensified
the clouds opened
and left the storm
in me

Elizabeth Crocket writes short fiction, poetry and haiku. She has been published in Ascent Aspirations, RKVRY online journal, Roadrunner online journal, First Thought Poetry, The Mastadon Dentist, Word Riot, and Everyday Poems. Her first published piece was "The Pocket Watch" in Quick Brown Fox!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these heart-rending moments.
    The red rose reminded me of the return home after my Father's funeral in February. He died on Feb. 1, my Mother's birthday. When we looked out our patio window, a couple of days later, following the funeral, we saw a blanket of white snow, winter-bare branches on the trees and a flock of red cardinals nesting in the midst of all this winter. Seemed like a sign to me, some kind of hope in the midst of our loss.

  2. Super beautiful! Very heart-wrenching stuff, Liz.



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