Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classifieds: Email critique group wanted; Artist creates covers for self-published authors

Hi, Brian.
I'm here to offer my services to all of you who are in the process of self-publishing their work. It's a bit of a daunting task, I know. I've done it. I'd like to collaborate with you. I'm an artist and I design book covers.

I live in Northern Ontario and freelance. I've had the pleasure of working with Audrey Austin, author of Sarah, A Canadian Saga, Reawakening and The Silent Star as well as a collaboration with Gerald A Servais; The Coriolis Effect: The Second Law and The Thistles and Thorns of Blackcreek.

I'm relatively new at this genre but have been commended for my work.

I feel every book deserves a cover and despite the hundreds of illustrators possibly clamoring for your book, I would love an opportunity to make it a standout! Feel free to contact me at  

Thank you everyone! Keep the ink flowing!
Susan Ruby K

Hi, Brian.
I'm looking for some like-minded individuals interested in exchanging pieces of our work for the comments, critiques, and opinions of other writers, via email. Like so many of us these days, my schedule is hectic with family, household and work commitments, so finding the time to attend an actual group meeting is very difficult, but I'd really appreciate the feedback of others, and would be happy to offer the same in return. I hope this method will allow us the time flexibility to participate in an experience we might not be able to otherwise.

I must be clear: I have no professional or educational credentials regarding writing, I can offer only my personal opinion. I, myself, write journalistic and personal essays, literary fiction novellas and short stories. My reading tastes are very eclectic, and I'm hopeful I can be unbiased by the genre of a piece, in favour of the substance of the work.

If anyone’s interested, please contact me at:

Celynne Hinzmann

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