Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writer-to-writer: critique group wanted, services for self-published writers, co-author wanted...

Members of the Blank Page Writers in Gravenhurst
Writers' group wanted
I am looking for a writer's group for people writing for children who live in Ancaster or on the Hamilton mountain. If interested, please email me at 
Thank you.

Line-editor wants work
I'm a retired English teacher willing to do line-by-line grammatical editing for authors seeking to self-publish. Reasonable rates. Contact Patricia at  or 519-679-5229.

Co-author wanted
My name is Efim Cheinis. I immigrated to Canada in 1995 from Russia, where I worked in Saint Petersburg research institute as scientist and earned PhD degree.

In 2008 I published a book for immigrants “How to Find a Job in Canada. Common Problems and Effective Solutions” (See here.)

Now I have finished a new book for immigrants “Your First Year in Canada. Everything You Need to Know and Do to Overcome Immigration Barriers and Successfully Settle Down in Canada in 52 Weeks.” Also I created website 

Unfortunately this new book and website both were created in Russian language only. Because of my limited English skills I need help to make this book in English.

I am looking for qualified co-author to make this book in English and create good book proposal, which will be sent to publishers. My co-author does not need to know Russian language, I will translate this book into English by myself, and my co-author has to edit English version.

Anyone interested in participating in this project, please email me. I will be happy to meet with you, show you a printed copy of this book and discuss our cooperation.

Efim Cheinis,

Ready to Self Publish?
Linda Laforge, a graphic designer and illustrator with 15 years experience in marketing and advertising, is there to help you meet with success as a writer, publisher and marketer of your precious manuscript.

You’ve done it! You’ve proven yourself completely nuts by completing an entire manuscript. You might also have already spent lots of time and effort writing Query letters and contacting publishers and literary agents. I know I have!

Self Publishing isn't a new concept. Writers have been self publishing since publishing began. James Joyce self published Ulysses! John Grisham, author of A Time to Kill, was turned down by 15 publishers and 30 agents. He ended up publishing it himself. Dr. Seuss was even turned down 24 times. (Click here for a nice long list of famous self-publishers that will make you feel much better…)

It’s just been made easier since the internet has come along and matured before our finger tips. Amazon is making it even easier to be a credible online author, in any genre, from science fiction to personal memoirs. So, you have to ask yourself ~ is self-publishing the way to go for me?

Click here to discover "6 Things You Need to do to Publish your Own Book"

I can help you with:

- Book cover design
- Cover and interior illustrations
- Page layout
- Obtain Canadian ISBN number
- Get & place Bar Codes
- Website strategically designed to sell your books, including Blog set-up, Shopping Cart and Social Media programming
- Assistance setting up Amazon Accounts
- Design of Marketing Material to support book sales
- Writing and Distributing Press Releases
- Strategic Business Plan

Linda Laforge

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