Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"The Secret Life of Money, A Kid's Guide to Cash" by Kira Vermond

The Secret Life of Money, A Kid's Guide to Cash
Written by: Kira Vermond
Illustrated by: Clayton Hanmer

“This is a great book! I like how it has some humour. And now I want a stock for my birthday.” – William, age 10
"I liked it too. It taught me how quickly money can add up or decrease." - Leah, age 14.

If discussing money is a difficult task for adults, it’s doubly so where kids are involved. Not only is the subject loaded with cryptic jargon (mortgages? Bull markets? Huh?), but it often fails to click with how a kid sees his or her world. Many preteens and young teens do not yet have a job, and even if they do, their responsibilities with their earnings are miles away from grown-up money issues.

In short, not only is money a little overwhelming and mysterious, it’s also seen as something kids can't do anything about. The Secret Life of Money is written to address this last point in particular. This book uses odd anecdotes, engaging comics, and a wealth of surprising everyday connections to help young readers see and understand cash from an entirely different angle.

From the history of different currencies to why we buy what we buy, from how credit cards work to saving and investing, readers will gain not only an appreciation for the myriad ways that money changes, influences, and betters their lives, they will arrive to an understanding of the control they have over it.

Kira Vermond is an award-winning writer with over 1,000 articles to her name. She is a frequent contributor to The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Today's Parent, and PROFIT, and the author of Earn, Spend, Save: The Savvy Guide to a Richer, Smarter, Debt-free Life (see here.) She lives in Guelph, Ontario. She’s working on a novel for young readers in Brian Henry’s “Intensive” courses in Burlington.

Clayton Hanmer writes and illustrates "CTON's Corner," a popular monthly feature in OWL Magazine. The winner of many industry awards, his work appears in such diverse publications as National Geographic Kids, The Walrus, and the New York Times. He lives in Toronto.

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