Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Two new books: The Dark Pool by Monika Carless and Medicine Buddha / Medicine Mind by Charlene Jones

Dear Brian,
It is my pleasure to announce that I’ve self-published my novel, The Dark Pool; erotic fiction with a dash of mysticism.
In this tale of wicked sex, sorcery and innocence lost, one woman must choose between her past and her present, find courage to live authentically and resist the charms of an alchemist whose love for her has survived six hundred years.  
The Dark Pool is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon here.
O you can order an autographed copy at a discounted price from me: mccoyote1@gmail.com
Kind Regards,
Monika Carless

Hi, Brian.
Check out my latest book: Medicine Buddha / Medicine Mind: An Easy-to-Understand Exploration of the Healing Power of Your Mind.
All the best,
Charlene Jones
Medicine Buddha / Medicine Mind
Want to know more about how your brain works? Want to learn to work with your mind, instead of against it? Ever wonder about those images from dreams, from when you read a really good book, or just from daydreaming? In this book the seams between our experience of mental visualizations (dream images, daydreams, imagination, or Tibetan icons such as Medicine Buddha) and what the latest in Neuroscience has to say about images, are joined in easy to read, simple language.
An excerpt from the book:
"Comprised of billions of neurons or brain cells, our brains light up with tiny electrical chages when the neurons connect. For example, neurons connect when we perform an action. As we perform the same action repetitively the circuits of those connecting neurons grows larger. As those circuits grow larger, it becomes increasingly natural and increasingly easy, to repeat the action, behaviour or thought associated. These circuits may be measured on MRI machines, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines."
About the Author
Charlene Jones escaped from three days as hostage to two armed criminals when she was just 16. Within a year she met her meditation teacher, the contentious Namgyal Rinpoche. Through his teachings on Visualization Ms. Jones created a life of health, vitality and joy in spite of her early trauma. This is her testimony to how we all have the power to heal.
Available from Amazon here.

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