Thursday, June 30, 2016

JKG Award wants to give you $2,000 for a story; 87 Bedford and Freefall pay for stories and Five on the Fifth wants contest entries

John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award writing contest ~ $2,000 prize.

For this year, the tenth anniversary of John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, the organizers asked me to be a judge. Unfotunately, I had to decline, as I know a few of my students will enter the contest and I can’t judge stories I’ll recognize. I do highly recommend this contest, though. It’s grown over the years, but it’s still a small town contest with relatively few entries and a big prize. Here’s the press release…. ~Brian

“The Friends of Dutton-Dunwich are happy to announce their 2016 Writing Contest which is open to any Canadian author. The winners are announced and celebrated at a gala ceremony to honour Dunwich’s son, John Kenneth Galbraith, noted economist, statesman and author. It’s a grand evening of readings, music, good friends and refreshments, and the public is welcome!”
First place: $2,000. Word count limited to 3,000 to 3,500 words. Entry fee: $10.
Deadline: August 15, 2016. Full submission guidelines here.

87 Bedford  is a young literary short story magazine and online curator of creative content. 
Seeking submissions of short fiction, micro/flash fiction, serial fiction, poetry, spoken-word, art 
& photography, and other amalgams of creative media. Prefers stories to have a literary bent but
“that shouldn’t exclude compelling genre-y tales of passion, mystery or the speculative.” No 
submission fees. Pays $10 per short story, $5 for everything else. 
Deadline: ongoing. Full submission guidelines here.
Right now, 87 Bedford invites submissions for their inaugural Short Story Contest. Submit 
short stories 2000-8000 words that are set in a “foreign location.” This setting cannot be within 
the continent where you currently live, and must be integral to the story. First place: $150+; 2nd 
place $50+. $3 will be added to both prizes for every initial entry beyond 20. Entry fee: $10. 
Deadline: August 28, 2016. Full submission guidelines here.
Freefall (Alberta) is accepting open submissions for the next issue. Poetry, short story & novel excerpts, nonfiction, writing related or general audience topics, creative nonfiction, plays, and postcard stories. Pays $10 page for fiction and $25 per poem.
Deadline: August 31, 2016.

Five on the Fifth presents its 1st annual Short Fiction Contest! This contest is intended as a way to honor writers for their craft in short fiction. We love a good short story here at Five on the Fifth and want to be able to showcase (and reward) excellent short stories in a big way! There will be 5 winners: 
            1st prize - $150 + publication in the November issue
            2nd prize -$100 + publication in the November issue
            3rd prize - $75 + publication in the November issue
            4th prize - $50 + publication in the November issue
            5th prize - $25 + publication in the November issue
 There is a $6.50 USD submission fee. You may submit multiple times, but the $6.50 USD submission fee is per submission and must be paid for each submission you make. All submission fees go toward the overhead costs of Five on the Fifth and the costs of this contest. 
There are no theme restraints, and genre fiction will be read with open arms. However, your submission should reach a minimum of 1,000 words and not exceed 4,000 words. 
Deadline for submissions is August 31 2016. Full submission guidelines here.

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