Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Love letters ~ Where your fellow writers are getting published

Hi, Brian.
I am very happy to announce that a short piece I wrote in your class is to be published in my first travel magazine. “One hundred and thirty steps,” a bone-chilling piece I wrote about visiting the catacombs of Paris will be in Cargo Literary in the New Year.
Thanks so much for your suggestion I submit it.
Best regards,
For information about submitting a travel narrative to Cargo Literary, see here.

Hey, Brian.
A personal essay of mine has been published in the Facts & Arguments section of The Globe and Mail. The link is below. It’s a piece you might remember about my encounter with a pinstriped suit! Thanks for your guidance and encouragement – see you at one of your workshops soon.
Nancy de Guerre
Read Nancy’s story here.
For information on submitting a “Facts & Arguments” essay to the Globe & Mail, see here.

Hi, Brian.
Nancy Kay Clark, publisher of CommuterLit
I have attended several of your courses and through them, managed to find a writing group where a couple of us are now getting brave (confident) enough to send our work out.  
As you have suggested, CommuterLit is a good place to start and I'm happy to have had a story accepted and published there!   This story started as me daydreaming about a good cup of European coffee, and then, well the voices just took over – as they do. 
Thanks for all your support to emerging writers. 
Linda S. Hillman
Read Linda’s story, “Reverie,” here.
For information on submitting to CommuterLit, see here.

Hey, Brian.
A Day on the TTC, a picture book Ali
published in 2015
Hope all is well. Super-excited to share with you that after two years of relentless querying, I finally struck gold! My children’s adventure novel has been picked up by Crimson Cloak Publishing and is expected to hit bookstores sometime in 2017.
If I have learned one thing in the process is the publishing business is very subjective and that trends keep coming back.
My message to all my fellow writers yet to be published is to write on and never give up on your story.
Last and certainly not least, I have benefited greatly from your classes and still continue to do so. Thank you for inspiring me.
Ali Lawati
Pen name: A. Lawati

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