Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two new books: The Secret Bookstore by Maryann Breukelman and Sally the Snake by Michelle Boomer

Hi, Brian.
I’m excited to let you know that my novel, The Secret Bookstore: A Modern Fable, is now up on here and here, under the pen name, Magnus Fox.... 
The Secret Bookstore:
One autumn morning, Magnus Fox’s life as an accountant is thrown into chaos when vultures begin to follow him everywhere, a mouse causes him to crash his new Porsche, and a beautiful and mysterious woman tells him that he can find his life’s true purpose at a secret bookstore. 
As if all this wasn’t enough, an elderly man, who seems to know everything about Magnus, appears and offers to help him look for the bookstore. However, this means leaving behind everything, and embarking on a journey to a distant forest.
Desperate to live a meaningful life, and fueled by a growing obsession with the enigmatic woman, Magnus decides to conquer his doubts and fears and join the stranger on the quest. 
As a shadowy figure stalks them and the vultures continually circle overhead, Magnus begins to feel he’s living in a fairy tale — a magical place where anything is possible.
The novel is a modern fable, a fairy tale for adults.
Thank you,
Maryann Breukelman

Hello!  I just wanted to update you on my middle grade children’s novel Sally the Snake –The Quest to the Beginning.  She has been doing well, simply through word of mouth!
I've done a reading at the Norwich Public Library, and I've been asked to bring copies to the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo to have in their gift shop! We love this zoo, know the owner personally now due to our frequent visits and am so proud that he requested my book! I will be donating a portion of the sales to the zoo, my choice, not his suggestion.
I have started the next Sally book, titled Sally the Snake – Search for the Dragon.  I have another upper middle grade novel, which will be tied in with Sally, therefore I am unable to release this until the new year.
Thanks for all your support. The writer’s life for me!
Michelle Boomer
Sally the Snake –The Quest to the Beginning is available from here and from here

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