Saturday, July 21, 2018

New book: Beyond Faith, the 3rd book in the Beyond mystery series by Sharon A. Crawford

Beyond Faith by Sharon A. Crawford, reviewed by Michael R. Dyet
Beyond Faith is the latest instalment in Sharon A. Crawford’s Beyond crime fiction series. It picks up where Beyond Blood leaves off with Dana Bowman and her son David still recovering from the trauma of David’s kidnapping. But fate does not allow them much time to heal as Dana and her twin brother Bast, owners of the Attic Investigative Agency, are thrust into a perplexing new case.
It quickly becomes apparent that this new case has personal overtones as it intersects with Dana’s childhood. Sister Mary Olsen, a Catholic nun, is the connecting thread and at the center of this new mystery that involves secret adoptions and their consequences. The case and its multiple players lead Dana and Bast through a endless series of baffling twists and turns as they attempt to solve it.
Murders, a bank robbery, a life threatening fire and extortion all play a role in weaving a web so complex it almost defies reason. Dana can’t help but delve deeper into these events even when it puts her in harm’s way. At the same time, she tries to navigate the fragile ground of her growing personal relationship with Detective Sergeant Donald Fielding.
Beyond Faith is a wild, roller-coaster ride for mystery and crime fiction fans. But it is also a penetrating study of two truths we often try to avoid: 1) We can never entirely bury our past however hard we try to do so. 2) Family ties, and the baggage that comes with them, can circle back to ensnare us decades later regardless of our efforts to distance ourselves from them.

Beyond Faith is available through Blue Denim Press here at Amazon here.
Visit Sharon at her website here.

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