Monday, August 31, 2020

“Ode to My Body” by Julie Kim

Ode to My Body

Dear Body, My body
Nobody but me
Lived through or fathoms what lies beneath
My magnificent silky sheath
Passed down from my father
Endures all my years
As mother, wife, sister, daughter
Each scar, all my bones, every ache, every creak
The stories they’d tell, if only they could speak!
Of pain and the losses, battles, victories untold
Of strength I possessed unknown to behold

Dear Body, My body
I myself, I embody
My landscape transforms down to its core
I’m weathered like rocks
Time runs, not walks
Unkind to the woman I was before
With no choice, I embrace
To age with courage and grace
Whatever may come my way
God grant me time, my body I pray
Be good to me the rest of my days

Julie Kim is on the go as a busy mom and an occupational therapist.  When she hits pause, she relishes in music and singing and her penchant for writing poetry.  These days, she’s becoming familiar with the art of sitting down, thanks to Brian’s writing classes.

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