Friday, May 7, 2021

Markets and contests for your short stories, memoir, creative nonfiction, and poetry

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The Canadian Medical Association Blogs welcomes submissions on public health and health care topics, written by health care workers or managers, patients and caregivers. Writing should be clear, crisp and engaging. Submissions should be around 700-800 words. 

The CMAJ Blogs’ Student Humanities category seeks high-quality, original submissions from medical students, that may include poetry, essays, critiques, reviews (of films, novels, theatre, exhibitions etc.), interviews, reflections, graphic medicine and visual art related to the medical humanities. Both French and English submissions are welcome.

Submissions always welcome Guidelines here.

Night Shift Radio is a modern media company, cultivating original content across a variety of digital mediums. “We’re also a bunch of nerds who love sci fi, and literature, and video games, and herpetology, and cryptozoology, and pop-punk, and dogs.”

Seeks fiction, nonfiction, and memoir 7,000 – 10,000 words.

Payment: “We choose two stories to publish each month. One story will be chosen for the Full Cast Audiobook treatment; that author will receive $50 for audio rights and non-exclusive print rights. A second piece will be chosen for our mid-month print only piece. The author of that piece will be offered $25 for exclusive worldwide electronic rights for 120 days. All rights not specified stay with the author.

Reading periods: May 21–28; Aug 21–28; Nov 21–28; and Feb 21–28

Guidelines here.


Scott J Moses seeks short stories, 1,000–4,500 words, for anthology titled What One Wouldn’t Do. 

“I’m looking for sacrifices, risky wagers, high stakes, and especially – if you’re familiar with my own writing – the unintended consequences and fallout of said things. I’m interested in the lengths characters would go to “fill-in-the-blank-here.” I’m open to anything in the dark speculative fiction realm. I think blending genres/sub-genres around this theme could make for something special.”  

Pays 2 cents/word. 

Deadline: May 29, 2021. Guidelines here.


League of Canadian Poets seeks poetry from disabled Canadian citizens and poets living and/or practicing in Canada for anthology: The Way Out is the Way In.  

Pay $25. Deadline: May 31, 2021.


Prairie Fire seeks short fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction on the theme of Roots & Routes.  

What are you rooted to? Are you en route to finding your roots, connected to your roots, have you survived being uprooted, taken an unexpected route, or uncovered your roots? Are you rooted in a particular idea, cause or tradition? What and whom are you rooting for? Are you rooted now? Has the quest for knowledge of your individual, or collective roots taken you closer or further away from your authentic self?

Pays $0.10 per word for prose and $40 per poem. 

Deadline: May 31, 2021. Guidelines here.


The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association is holding its 36th Annual Poetry Anthology contest for residents of Ontario.

First Prize-$300; Second Prize-$200; Third Prize-$100. Winners and poems with Honourable Mention will be published in our contest Poetry Anthology

Entry Fees: $15 includes up to three poems; $4 for each additional entry

Deadline: May 31, 2021. Contest details here.


Quick Brown Fox Quick Brown Fox welcomes your book reviews and your short stories, poems, and essays about reading, writing, favourite books, and libraries. Read a few essays on the blog to get a taste of what other writers have done (see here and scroll down).

Quick Brown Fox also welcomes reviews of any kind and of anything, anywhere or anybody. If you want to review your favourite coffee shops or libraries, babysitters or lovers (no real names please), go for it. See examples of book reviews here (and scroll down); other reviews here  (and scroll down).

Submit to:

Include a short bio at the end of your piece and attach a photo of yourself if you have one that’s okay.

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