Tuesday, May 10, 2022

“Keeper of the Great Books” by Karen Ervin

I was honoured
When first offered the job
As Curator
Of the Great Books
Of the Western World.

I knew, of course,
It would be a lonely job,
Locked away in the Tower
Overlooking the whole
Of Modern Civilization.
These were, after all,
The books that everyone quoted
And no one actually read.

It was my job to keep them
In pristine condition.
And it was I alone
Who handled them
Day in and day out.
I alone would keep their pages shiny,
Their covers free of dust.
I alone would learn their secrets,
The codes to unlock
With every word on every page.

It would take a lifetime or more
Thankfully I had nine
And lots of naps in between.
For I alone am Philosopher Feline
Keeper of the Great Books


Karen Ervin lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, with her husband. She writes poems and short pieces for fun and experimentation, often drawing inspiration from her cat, Jinx.


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