Thursday, May 12, 2022

“Ninety-one” and “Ninety-one (Part 2)” by Jennifer M. Smith



I visit and find
the sweetness of honey still in the jar
under a lid too tight to open.

I can’t predict what will fail her next,
much as I try.
To prevent it.

Lace-up shoes are cast aside for Crocs.

Hand in hand we shuffle
toward shrinking tomorrows.


Ninety-one (Part 2)

There was no more honey.

She drove to the store, independently.
Parked and shuffled in.

There, on the bottom shelf.

The weight of gold, too heavy.
The check-out, too far away.

Impossible, she realized.

She turned and left.

Tap-tapping with her cane to the car.
Then, home, to bitter tea.


Jennifer M. Smith is retired geologist, accountant, and sailor who likes to write non-fiction from book length memoir (Green Ghost, Blue Ocean), to essays, short stories and micro fiction. She lives in Burlington, Ontario. She doesn’t like writing bios. 

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“Ninety-one” and “Ninety-one (Part 2)” were originally published on 50-Word Stories. For information on submitting to 50-Words, see here.

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