Thursday, October 27, 2022

New book: Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight by G.M. Baker

Hi, Brian.

I have published Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight. You may remember from class that I struggled mightily with the opening for this one. You probably got to read half a dozen versions of it along the way! Anyway, I think I finally came up with an opening that works. I hope you will agree.

Here's the blurb:

“The Devil always begins by giving thee work that is just,” Horrocks said. “Then he tells thee, thou dost just work, therefore thou art just. And then he tells thee, thou art just, and therefore any work thou dost is just.”

When Isabel kills the Elf Knight and takes his horse, sword, and horn, she believes that she has done just work. She has broken his enchantment and has rid the twelve kingdoms of a great evil. Horrocks' advice to lay down the Elf Knight's tools falls on deaf ears.

But something old is waking in Isabel, something that longs for the gallop and the chase, for bright sun and the rush of wind against the cheek, for glimmering steel and bright blood and the dying of light in the eyes of the slain.

Without the Elf Knight's sword at her side, Isabel feels lost and terrified, but after almost murdering the man she is supposed to marry, she realizes that either she must put the Elf Knight's tools aside or exile herself forever. But already it may be too late, for Isabel is losing herself and within her the Elf Maiden grows in strength and fury.



Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight is available from Amazon here.

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