Thursday, January 26, 2023

New book: One Summer at Ril Lake by Dale Rutherford writing as Margery Reynolds

Hi, Brian: 

I am happy to announce the release of One Summer at Ril Lake, under my pen name Margery Reynolds. It is the first in my Muskoka Cottage Read Series and is something entirely new from the manuscripts I was working on in class. The lessons learned and knowledge gained were invaluable and apply to writing of any genre. And so, inspired by the atmosphere during visits to a cottage on Ril Lake, many trips to the Huntsville area and by your writing retreats at The Briars and Algonquin Park this novel falls into the light romance genre.

It was described in a review by author J. J. Richardson as a, “gentle love story about family dynamics, secrets kept and secrets revealed. The characters are likeable, the plot isn't rushed and there are a few twists to keep the reader guessing. Great debut for this author.”

Here is a short synopsis:

Dale aka Margery Reynolds

All Felicity Jefferies wants is a little serenity and some alone time at her cottage to regroup after her husband’s passing. But her son’s endless questions give her anything but what she went to Ril Lake to find. Instead, they force Felicity to delve into, and reveal, family secrets she hoped would never come to light. 

All Ben Pierce wants is to mend a wounded relationship with his estranged daughter, but she wants nothing to do with him and cannot forgive him for walking away over a decade ago.

Newly acquainted neighbours at cottages on Ril Lake, Felicity and Ben unpack the baggage of their respective past relationships, while kindling a new relationship of their own. Will this new and unexpected friendship stand the test of the final secret Felicity must reveal to her family and to Ben? A secret kept buried for more than twenty years that has the ability to either heal the past or tear apart the present. The future is anybody’s guess.

The book is available in e-book or paperback format on Amazon here.

One Spring at Ril Lake, the second in the series, is slated for a May release.

With appreciate and with gratitude,

Dale M. Rutherford

Aka Margery Reynolds

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