Monday, January 23, 2023

New YA novel: Missing by Susan Thomas

Dear Brian,

I've got a new YA Novel coming out on Evernight Teen on January 20.  It's the one called Missing that we worked on in your Creative Writing class last year.  It was wonderful having the thoughtful input of you and the group. So nice to have another book out there. l'm halfway through my third one already!

Many thanks to you and the crew!



Becky May goes missing on her sixteenth birthday and only her cousin Madison knows how and why. The police investigate – but only until the trail runs cold.

Madison hears her cousin’s been sighted, but Madison is so ridiculed on social media that she begins to doubt her own sanity. Her only offer of support is from her brother’s best friend, Jake Stewart. Madison is attracted to Jake but not sure she trusts him, so how much of what she knows can she reveal?

Forced to recognize that events from her past have come back to haunt her, Madison is faced with a terrifying question. Is Becky dead or alive? She and Jake put their own lives in danger in order to solve the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of Becky May.

Available from Evenight Teen here.

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