Thursday, November 16, 2023

“Forever Memories, a Blessing” by Sharon Deutsh

The barbarous acts
will not be revered
nor shall you see
seventy-two virgins
martyrdom will not come
you will inhale
through porous
lungs of charred ashes
withering and squirming
clawing and tearing
your choking throats

lips blackened
with slag from the earth
reddened fiery crust
as you burn
from within
body and mind
will hover in purgatory

gasping for life
as your sins replay
over and over again
boiling in your
wickedness of atrocities
squirming with lust
for wanton breath
with no respite

as you hang  
languishing with paralysis
your hearts and brains
slowly decay

every cell and fiber 
shrouded with garroting
clouds of darkness
as you grovel
tremble for air 

never to be free
of your hideous vile filth
soul sucking
black soil
of your abhorrent
yellow-bellied cowardliness 


Innocent in their deaths
the splayed pregnant women
eviscerated belly detached
with the open
layers of musculature
bared to the naked eye

the thumb-sucked dead fetus
umbilical cord cocooned
around its body
as the last
protection of its soul 

the knife plunged
deep into the depths
last bleating breaths
no more 


brutal cruelness
causes anguish
to those that pick through
the fallen rotten flesh

unable to contain
such horrors
witnessed in these
butchered deaths 

retching through and through
with dry heaves of blood
nothing more to come
as acid eats 

within the souls
who came
to bare witness
to their own
flesh and blood

the urge to run
from the savageness
of the barbaric acts
on the innocence of life
with fierce resilience 

valor to stay
to give honour 
peace a soft landing
for those at their place
of distorted deaths 


Now to rest
their precious gentle souls
as angel cotton puffs
of pink and white clouds
floating high
within the yellow healing hues 

with the sun’s
warming rays of strength
embrace the gentle
beating hearts
of no longer as they
are gently laid to rest

forever a blessing
of their courage in life
whispering through the
last of baby breaths
as their souls rise
from beneath  
the shadows of evil 

guardian angels shield   
forever memories a blessing
the souls of the chosen
children of Israel
live on for eternity 

Am Yisrael Chai


Sharon Deutsh is a creative artist, a long-time registered nurse. She has a passion for writing, enjoys being active, and likes to spend time with her family and dogs.


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