Thursday, January 4, 2024

Get Quick Brown Fox postings delivered straight to your Inbox

You can now get new postings on Quick Brown Fox delivered straight to your Inbox as I publish them.

This used to be a function available right here on BlogSpot, but Google (which owns BlogSpot) stopped providing that service. So I’ve created a Substack account. I’ll publish postings there and immediately email them out to everyone who’s subscribed.

But to get new postings as they go up, you need to subscribe to the Quick Brown Fox page on Substack here:

I will also continue to send out an email about twice a month, letting everyone know what’s coming up in terms of writing classes, workshops, and retreats, plus providing links to the other material on the Quick Brown Fox blog. The sign-up for that newsletter is in the right hand column of the blog.

But signing up there will not get you signed up to receive each new posting when I publish it. For that, go to the Substack page and subscribe:

While you're there, you could also click on the Heart symbol to like a posting and you might even add a comment. :-)

See you there!


P.S. Quick Brown Fox will always be free on Substack or wherever. Substack might start asking you to pledge money to me - just ignore that. Their business model is to take 10% of whatever people who publish on Substack take in, so they like Substackers to charge readers, but you don't have to and I won't.

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