Thursday, March 7, 2024

A new book of short stories from Heather Rath: Stalker

Hi, Brian:

I am pleased to announce the birth of my new book born late 2023!

Called Stalker, it invites readers to take a journey into two worlds: the dark and light sides of life.

The first half of the book includes prize-winning short stories described as “frightening, suspense-filled.” These co-exist with true-life adventure vignettes. So the book is a blend of truth and fiction: yin and yang, good and bad, dark and light.

Brian, thank you for helping me hone my craft. And thanks to you, I plan to finish a long languishing novel, part of which takes place in Mexico.



Stalker by Heather Rath

Stalker invites the reader to take a journey into two worlds: the dark and light sides of life. Frightening, suspenseful moments in award-winning short stories co-exist with true-life adventure vignettes: a blend of truth and fiction. The stories explore the mind’s hidden fears and desires while the vignettes deliver a slice of reality, sometimes with unexpected conclusions. They are snapshots of experiences in different cultures through the eyes – and writings – of an insightful world traveller.

“Heather Rath’s short stories... veer off into the surreal and macabre using sex and suspense... We want to look away but we crave more.” Lynn Tait author, You Break It You Buy It

“Heather Rath has renewed my appreciation for short stories... this entertaining, often titillating collection has its own unique voice...” –Phyllis L Humby, author, On The Rock

Stalker is available from Amazon here.

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