Wednesday, March 6, 2024

“Don’t like antisemitism? You’re a racist. So says Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia” by Brian Henry


Emergency physician Dr. Raghu Venugopal protesting the protesters. More here.  

(Almost) everybody from the Prime Minister on down condemned the obvious antisemitism of the recent “pro-Palestinian” protest at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Mount Sinai was founded a hundred years ago (back when Canada actually was a racist country) to give Jewish doctors a place to work and Jewish mothers a sympathetic place to have their babies. These days, all sorts of doctors work there and it serves all of Toronto – and indeed beyond Toronto, as it’s a world-class hospital.

But Mount Sinai is still associated with the Jewish community. It still has a Star of David in its logo, can still provide in-patients with kosher meals, and still has a Jewish chaplain on site. Indeed, Mount Sinai’s association with the Jewish community is right there in its name.

What does Mount Sinai Hospital have to do with the Israeli government’s conduct of the war against Hamas? Nothing. Obviously. The only possible way to understand the protest in front of Mount Sinai is as an anti-Jewish protest.

No, no, no! say the organizers. The hospital just happened to be on their route to the U.S. Consulate....  

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