Sunday, March 1, 2009

“Longing II,” Tabitha Kott

I miss…
the north land in the summertime
rising glacial rock
like a passageway through time

the ping-scent of pine and cedar
trees lending their needles
cushioning journeys on the land

the aching cry of the loon
haunting reminder of simpler times

I long for simplicity.

the vast expanse of sky
endless, breathtaking
ever-changing portal to mysteries

the canoe
rhythmically caressing water
cradled in the Ancient Ones’ hands
leading us Home

the hungry love made on the belly of the Mother
sacred energy

The absence leaves an echo in my heart.

I am longing.

Tabitha Kott lives a quiet life in an ordinary Mississauga neighbourhood. Her passions include urban farming, ecstatic dance, expressive creativity, and pushing the edges to see what she can find. Tabitha wrote “Longing II” in one of my creative writing courses in Mississauga last fall. She submitted it to the Ontario Poet’s Society Open Hearts poetry contest, where it won an honourable mention.

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