Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bananafish - Call for submissions

Bananafish will launch January 1, 2010, as an online venue for short fiction and memoir, with print editions forthcoming.

Editor Daniel McDermott says: "We favor work that is honest, true to life, humorous, professionally structured, and engaging the whole way through. If you have an original voice, a creative style, and the prose to back it up, then we would love to read your stuff. Make us laugh, make us cry, and place every word with purpose.

"Each submission should not exceed 2,000 words, as this represents the limit of our web-based attention span. Please do not send more than one story at a time. If you send bulky emails with multiple submissions enclosed then we will think that you are high-maintenance. And here at Bananafish we are afraid of maintenance, and heights.

"There is no payment at this time. And we do not say “at this time” to imply that there will be payment sometime in the future, because this is doubtful. We are professional writers of moderate success and decent education; we no longer understand money and forget what it looks like. In other words, we have none, and therefore have none to give to you. But we will love you eternally, praise you publicly, and tell our grandchildren of your literary genius."
Complete submission guidelines:
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