Sunday, November 1, 2009

"You Can Do Cartoon Voices Too!" by Sunday Muse

The Sunday Learning Series presents…
You Can Do Cartoon Voices Too!
a book and CD by cartoon voice professional Sunday Muse

Sunday Muse is my 7-year-old’s voice-acting instructor. She’s good. Of course, William is incredibly talented and that’s why he landed the role as Tiny Pig in the new Wibbly Pig cartoon series (shown every day on TVO and just recently picked up in France). But to give you an idea of how good Sunday is, I should tell you that many of the other kids in Wibbly – and the kids acting in practically every cartoon produced in Canada – have all passed through Sunday’s workshops. And now she’s explained her method and put her knowledge in a new book with an accompanying CD: You Can Do Cartoon Voices Too!

This book gives kids a chance to practice reading scripts and preparing for auditions and will teach them to connect their reading to their body and voice. This makes reading a lot more fun, and may improve reading skills and comprehension. Sunday teaches voice acting workshops for children and teens in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, New York and LA. Besides teaching, Sunday is voice actor herself. She’s been heard on popular cartoon series such as Rolie Polie Olie, Angela Anaconda, Jo-Jo’s Circus, and as Cheer Bear in Nelvana’s Care Bear movies.

For more about Sunday Muse and to purchase a book, please visit Sunday online at:

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