Sunday, December 13, 2009

QBF Advances to final round of vote for best literary blog in Canada

Great news: In the first round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards, we came a close second. Now in the final round, Quick Brown Fox is positioned to win. In the initial round, the Praxis Theatre Company’s blog edged us out of first place. All the other culture and literature blogs trailed far behind. So now it’s a showdown between QBF and Praxis.

So, please, vote for Quick Brown Fox. Vote now, Vote often. Vote here! Find Quick Brown Fox on the list. Click on the tab and rank QBF 1st. Click “vote” at the bottom of the screen, and click to confirm. Thanks!

In the Crafts, Cooking and Other Activities category, Jennifer Bushman’s Eat Planet blog came in second place, too. So Jennifer also advances to the final round of voting. Vote for Eat Planet here.

Unfortunately in the Humour category, Judith Millar’s MillarLite blog came in sixth place. So her blog won’t be advancing to the final round – next year, though!

In the Political category, my candidate, Dust My Boom, will also advance to the final round. This is only right and proper. After all, not only does the Broom kindly publish my opinion pieces, but they blog the best blues in Canada, too. Check out the Broom here. And vote for them here.

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