Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great Plains Publications

345 – 955 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0P9

Great Plains is a small independent publisher with three imprints:

Great Plains Teen Fiction is currently seeking contemporary and historical fiction from Canadian authors for readers age 14-18. Stories can be set anywhere, though we prefer them to be set on this world, present or past. If you are a previously published author you may query by email with a synopsis of your story, a short bio, and your previous publications. If you are an emerging author please send by standard mail a cover letter, synopsis, and the first one to three chapters of your book. Clearly state in your cover letter what genre, if any, your book falls into. Do not, however, say it is a “comedy/coming-of-age-mystery/slasher/romance/buddy story.”

Enfield & Wizenty is a literary imprint seeking original novels and short story collections by Canadian writers at all career stages. Before submitting a manuscript to us, consult our backlist to decide if your work is likely to fit into our publishing program. You may query by email or mail. We do not accept email submissions except by invitation. When submitting by mail, send a synopsis along with a sample chapter (from a novel), or one short story. Please include a covering letter that summarizes your professional writing credentials. If you are submitting a short fiction manuscript, you should have published a number of the stories in nationally recognized literary magazines; otherwise we are unlikely to seriously consider publishing your book.

Great Plains Publications is a non-fiction publisher specializing in Prairie history and biography, publishing books that are written by Prairie authors (Note: our other imprints are open to authors from across Canada).

Complete submission guidelines here:

Note: In the spring, Brian Henry will be leading a number of "How to Get Published" workshops: in Gravenhurst on April 17, Moncton, NB, on April 23, in Peterborough on April 24, Kingston on April 25, Uxbridge on May 8, and Hamilton on May 15.
For information about all of Brian's upcoming writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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