Monday, March 12, 2012

Love letters & Writer to Writer

"Girl on the Other Side" by Deborah
Kerbel, published by Dundurn Press
Just want you to know that I signed a contract with Dundurn Press to publish my book in the spring of 2013. The book is called I Am Algonquin and is a young adult historical fiction book . It is about an Algonquin family unit in the Ottawa Valley in 1305.
Rick Revelle
Glenburnie, Ontario
For information about submitting to Dundurn Press, see here.

If you're interested in writing, the best was to get started is with an introductory weekly course. I've got two starting soon: on Monday afternoons in Oakville (see here) and on Tuesday afternoons in Mississauga (see here).

Hello, Brian.
I just wanted to pass on to you that my story "Remembrance" will be published this March in the Chicken Soup for Caregivers series. It was my first submission of this sort- still working on getting children's stories published, so it was a great ego boost. And I got paid for it!

I do enjoy your workshop updates and info. I feel that your workshops and advice on written work has helped to 'tighten'up my writing. Thank you, and I hope my own weekend schedule will soon fit your workshop schedule so I can continue to learn from you and others .
Wendy Poole
For information on submitting to Chicken Soup, see here.

Hi, Brian.
Hope you are well! The Globe & Mail has again flattered my ego by running another one of my little essays.

This one tells the story of my ill-fated effort to find a date by showing off my snowboarding skills. Unfortunately, I don’t have any snowboarding skills and the project backfired.

If any of your readers are considering attempting a similar brave plot, they might be well-advised to consider lessons first.
Susan Crossman

You can read Susan's piece here. For information about submitting a personal essay to the Glove & Mail, see here.

Hi, Brian.
I just wanted to let you know that one of my stories was accepted for It's called Locked in Battle. I took one of your writing courses last summer and I really tried to apply what you taught us to this story. Thanks for the great feedback!
Joya Williams

Your can read Joya's story here. For information about submitting to CommuterLit, see here.

Hello, there.
I am a happy poet today. Shamrock, the journal of the Irish Haiku Society, has published one of my poems. The current issue, Shamrock No. 21, is now online here. My poem is about halfway down the list, don't fall asleep before you get to it. : )
Vera Constantineau
For information about submitting to Shamrock, see here.

Thanks for posting about When Hearts Collide. I still can't believe it! All these years of working at the craft (but maybe not sending out and finishing as much as I should) now I have three! contracts for books in four months. God is blessing me now!

When Hearts Collide came in Dec from Soul Mate, Ghostly Justice, a YA paranormal, is scheduled for release on April 14th from Black Opal Books, and - wow! - Black Opal has offered me another contract for one of my favorite books, Missing Clayton.

Thank you for teaching me writing skill, for your support and encouragement, and promotion. Yay, Brian!
Bev Irwin aka Kendra James

Writer to writer

Critique group looking for members:
A well-established critique group, Fiction Highway Guild, would like to expand its membership.
We are looking for someone who is:
- a serious writer, committed to getting her/his book published
- prepared to be an active member of the group, which meets every two weeks
- an experienced critiquer. Someone who has completed Brian's Intensive Writing class would qualify
- for practical purposes, a person who lives in the general vicinity of Oakville

Please contact Sheila at:

Hi Brian,
Thank you for sending me your Quick Brown Fox newsletter!  I'm really excited about attending the March 3rd workshop in Toronto.
I am looking for a writer's group for people writing fiction/romance who live in Scarborough or Toronto area.  If anyone is interested in getting together, please email me at
Thank you again, the information in your blog is wonderful and helpful!

Do you write Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror stories, and live in Toronto?
How would you like to join our Writing Group? Please contact us at:

The only requirements are that you are familiar with those genres, and that you take writing seriously. The writers in this group would be people not yet published, but whose aim would be just that.

The objective is to meet once a week, although it might be every two weeks or more when we first start if there’s less than 5 people in the group.

Hello Brian,
I am writing a fantasy/science fiction novel. Thus far I have written about 100,000 words and have completed some of the illustrations. The main character, who is also the narrator of the story, is recording not only the origin and evolution of his race but also telling the reader his own personal story from the time of his birth until his present age of 120. The story takes place on Earth but in an alternative universe.

I am looking for a ghost writer or editor to help me finish the book. I do not know what the cost is to get this assistance. Anyone seeing this can contact me if they are interested in being a ghost writer on this book, or if they have information they would like to share such as where I can get assistance including help with the cost of paying a ghost writer.

A ghost writer would help in filling in the main points of the story to make them more readable and interesting to the audience reading the story. I am hoping that a writing partner will be as interested as I am in the story and help with making the story even more interesting through vivid descriptions of the species in the book and the events that occur throughout their history.


Dear Brian,
I’m looking for a writing group or a writing buddy with a particular interest in writing for children (picture books, early readers, etc.)  I feel like I need to get out and bounce ideas of others. If you’re interested please contact me at:

See Brian Henry's schedule here, including writing workshops and creative writing courses in Kingston, Peterborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Dundas, Kitchener, Guelph, London, Woodstock, Orangeville, Newmarket, Barrie, Gravenhurst, Sudbury, Muskoka, Peel, Halton, the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

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