Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love letters: Where your fellow writers are getting published (and where you can get published, too)

I'd like to say a special thanks to you for your help over the years. I'm now in the middle of my third book in the Dottie Flowers series, Dottie Flowers and the Ghosts of Savannah. I'm planning to do five. I'm sure none if this would have happened if it weren't for your tremendous encouragement and your wonderful enthusiasm for writing.

I remember your saying that most people need to get their first book written and out of the way. I didn't understand what that meant at first. But for me, this process was essential. Shortly after I'd finished my first book, two characters, Dottie Flowers and Mabel Scattergood, popped into my head. I started to write about them. Words flowed. I'd found my voice.

I don't know if your students appreciate the words of wisdom you pass on to them. I hope so. One day, they might be very grateful for the things they learned in your workshops and classes.

Sheila Gale

Note: Everyone's invited to the book launch for Sheila’s second book, Dottie Flowers and the European Caper. See your invite here.

Hi, Brian.
I have good news to share with you as your suggestions had helped me hone my writing. The Intensive class that I took a year and a half ago helped me, as well. The class interactions and critiques helped me determine what worked and what didn't. 

I must also say that I made long lasting friendship with a few in the class and John Dunn's wife, Joan, acted as my editor not only to "fix" the novel The Perfume Woman's Diaries, but make it shine.

What I am trying to say is that I am agented now!
Thanks a million.
Pran Joshi

Note: I have a few Intensive and Next Step classes in September. You can find them listed on my schedule here, or scroll through the detailed descriptions of upcoming classes here. - Brian

Hi, Brian.
I just wanted you to know the great news! I’ve had my short story "Bereft" published on CommuterLit.
I have to thank you for encouraging me with my writing, and for giving the information about Commuter Lit.
Hope your summer is going well. Look forward to seeing you in Barrie in September. Yes, Rose-Ann and I are still your biggest fans.
Read Jeanette’s story “Bereft” here.
You can read another story by Jeanette here.
For information about submitting to CommuterLit, see here.

Hi, Brian.
Long time no talk! Hope you're well. Just wanted to ask if you could let your readers know about our blog, Page Turnings.
Since my co-bloggers and I are all working on Young Adult novels, the blog focuses on books, movies, music that appeals to a teen audience. Thanks for your help with figuring out the blog’s direction!
Hope to see you in upcoming workshops soon.

Hi, Brian.
I am extremely excited to let you know that one of my  devotionals has been accepted in the Praise Writers magazine, Halycon's new sister publication. This came about shortly after attending your "How To Get Published" workshop in May. I have always enjoyed your workshops and will continue to look forward in attending more in the near future. 
Thank you.
Rosemary Hagedorn
For information on submitting to Praise Writers and to Halycon, see here.

If you want to connect with an agent, come to the
"How to Get Published" workshop, Saturday, Oct 5
in Georgetown. My guest speaker will be Carly Wattters.
Details here.
Hello, Brian.
I heard you mention to someone at your Ryerson seminar on June 15 that Transatlantic Agency considers Children's books. I checked the website and I had a response within a few hours. One of their agents asked me to forward my book.

Once again, my thanks, Brian. Should this introduction lead to something, you will be responsible and I promise you will be charged accordingly!

Warmest Regards
Nancee Jean,
Author The Boomerang Babies Club
Our Motto: We are the Boomerang Babies and like a boomerang we always return home safely

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