Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two new books: Locker Rooms by Patty Lesser and Spice & Kosher – Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews by Bala Menon

Hi, Brian.
I’ve just self-published my first book, Spice & Kosher about the cuisine of the Chochin Jews of southern India, and it’s now available worldwide through, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers – here and here.
Bala Menon

Spice & Kosher – Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews
The Cochinis trace their history to 2,500 years ago, when sailors from the fleets of King Solomon visited Malabar in southern India to trade in spices, apes, peacocks and ivory. A few still live in India, but most of the world’s remaining 20,000 – 25,000 Cochinis now live in Israel. Spice & Kosher is the first in a planned series of five books on the history of this community, which will be published within the next two years.

 “Spice and Kosher is a marvelous cookbook, but it is much more than that. Of course, the wonders of Kerala Jewish cuisine are there to stimulate the imagination and jump start the palate. But here is history, anthropology, nutrition, too. Cochin comes alive through the recipes, but also from the personalities that enliven every page.
 - Dr. Nathan Katz, Florida International University, Miami

Published by Tamarind Tree Books as a trade paperback of 222 pages, Spice & Kosher retails at $12.95 + tax. It can be ordered from:
Tamarind Tree Books
14 Ferncastle Crescent
Brampton, ON  L7A 3P2

Hi, Brian.
My self-published novel Locker Rooms is now available online at here.
Thanks so much,
Patty Lesser

Locker Rooms by Patty Lesser 
Like most people, Alida has contemplated one of life’s biggest mysteries: What happens to your soul when you die? What if it is stolen by a cruel demon, and your eternity’s resting place becomes an empty locker in a secret cavern? What if the biblical hell was a real place, where real people suffered unspeakably?

It is real, and it is a horrifying place, where the souls of good people are imprisoned with no hope for escape or rescue ... until Alida appears. Putting her life in jeopardy, Alida battles a wicked demon and even the true devil to win the right to free the souls and return them to their own graves, where they can rest in peace.

Locker Rooms is a story of love and hate, friends and enemies, religion and history, and the eternal battle between good and evil. It tells the story of a lost woman who changes her life when she saves the souls of good people being imprisoned by a demon for his own narcissistic pleasure. What she experiences in the process will change her life forever.

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