Sunday, April 13, 2014

“Happiness” by Patricia Lawrence

Sun rising, sending rays
golden light moves into
my early morning life.

Stretching out kinks,
Cramps, left by
the gods of night.

Sleep walking into the kitchen,
make a cup of tea, half asleep
half awake, take time
feed the cat.

Leftover dreams swirling,
try to make sense.
colourful wisps of fancy
dancing playfully.

Blue light radiates
blank screen blinks
beckoning me.

Fingers drawn to
indented keys, making
involuntary movements.

The day has started, the cat
is out, tea’s gone cold
I’ve started to write

Nonsense flows, automatically
lines of letters stretching
across a blank screen.

A stretch a yawn, a thought
swims through confusion
words form, It’s beautiful
within, without

Patricia Lawrence is an Ontario poet, born on Christmas day 1938.   Her father ran a local corner market, where  the sign above the cash register that stated: "Since man to man is so unjust, we do not know just who to trust.  We trusted many to our sorrow, so pay today and trust tomorrow."  Yet despite this stark message, her father would extend credit and help to his many neighbours in their times of need.  There is no doubt that this planted the seed of empathy and wisdom in Pat that grew into her poetic talent.  Now retired, Pat devotes herself to local writing and poetry groups to share and refine her vision as expressed through her poetry.

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