Saturday, December 12, 2015

Three fifty-word stories: All-Nighter Agony by Sally Basmajian and “Bandits” & “Justice,” by Gordon Miller

All-Nighter Agony
“Merry Christmas!” She held out a box wrapped in spangles and mystery.
“Stuff it,” he replied, pulling the bedclothes over his head and tunneling down into fetid oblivion.
“You’ll have to come out sooner or later. We’ll have turkey with all the fixings.”
Exhausted and crabby, Santa did not respond.

As a follow-up to her frivolous and fun career in broadcasting, Sally Basmajian is working on a variety of writing projects. She has won a few prizes for short fiction and creative non-fiction, and has recently completed a fantasy novel for young adults. This story previously appeared in 50-Word Stories.

A cacophony echoed through the canyon walls. The posse was fleeing east.
We buried our partner where he fell, reloaded the rifles and opened the satchel. We bedded down under the stars
Two rich men fried beans and drank coffee, then saddled their horses and cantered off into the sunset.

We neared the scorching surface. A thin barrier of air kept the spaceship from burning.
 We opened the door and released the trussed and blindfolded King. He disappeared in a cloud of ash and cinder.
The despot met his death. The world will be a better place.
We said so.

Gordon Miller is a visual artist and writer living in Oakville, Ontario. He has published two books, Gold and Salvation and Kokum’s Gift, and numerous short stories and poetry. These two stories previously appeared in 50-Word Stories.

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